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Episode 7

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Lion Riders Return
Air date July 14, 2011 (USA)
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by John Delaney
Story by Todd Garfield and Jeremy Corray
Supervising director Steven E. Gordon
Episode Transcript

The team receives a distress call from the mysterious lion riders Ariel...

Plot Summary

The Voltron Force receives a distress call from the lion riders of planet Ariel, so the Voltron Force travels there. As it turns out, they must now defend a race of lion-riding warriors from Wade who is extracting a powerful metal ore called corite from their mines with Haggarium-tipped drills.

While playing their video game, the cadets are interrupted by a mysterious ally named Daigo asking for help from an impending danger with the Krelshi, ghostly beasts that are now in a frenzy, and travel with the rest of the team on the mission. Thinking that the Voltron force is their enemy, Ariel's ancient lion protectors, the Lion Riders attack. However, Princess Allura makes a diplomatic overture and is recognized by their leader, Chief Kolon, who tells his riders to leave them be. They then team up to stop the Drillers, Wade's corite-extracting machines, and later the cadets find out what's causing the Krelshi's abnormal behavior and eventually return them to normal.

Featured Characters

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