Lieutenant Ozar is a leader among the freedom fighters stationed on Kraydah’s moon. He's responsible for overseeing the distribution of humanitarian supplies to liberated planets. After being saved by Pidge from a Galra attack, Ozar and his small fleet pledges allegiance to the Voltron Coalition. He reappeared for several major battles against the Galra, including the fight against the Fire of Purification in Season 7.


Ozar is a blue alien with humanoid figures. He has a scruffy white beard and tapered, elfish ears. He has pink markings located unearth his eyes, and a long scar on his left cheek.

Ozar wears a grey trenchcoat over a squared-off green shirt and bootleg pants. He wears two broad utility belts - one across his chest, and one on his waist. He has an orange diamond on his left coat sleeve, representing the resistance. He accessorises with grey newsboy cap and fingerless gloves.


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