Larmina is a human from the Voltron Force franchise.
"I hate this techie stuff. I'd much rather be beating you up in real life."

—Larmina, "Defenders of Arus"

Larmina is the combat-ready (and somewhat arrogant) cadet who was recruited to the Voltron Force. She is the niece of Princess Allura. She is now the Blue Lion pilot.

Her Voltcom weapon is a Stick/Staff, Half-link Staff, or Spear. Her boost to Voltron gives Voltron a combat boost which allows it to fight in close quarters.


She meets Daniel and Vince for the first time at the beginning of their first class on Arus. [1] Her volt-com weapon is a staff, and when plugged into Voltron, a blazing katana. She is Princess Allura's niece.

After Princess Allura faced a dilemma over her duties as Princess of Arus and as a member of the Voltron Force, Larmina is promoted to Blue Lion's pilot. She may be in love with Daniel and he may also feel the same.


  • The DotU incarnation of Allura did not establish any family members that could justify the existence of a niece. Her parentage has not yet been established in the Voltron Force continuity (which may simply be altered from the DotU baseline in this respect). Though Allura's GoLion counterpart Princess Fala had older siblings who were killed by Daibazaal (Zarkon), so it's possible one of them could be Larmina's parent.