Lance's Story is a book published for the series about Lance.


Get to know Lance, in his own words—from his days growing up in Cuba, to his time as a pilot at Galaxy Garrison on Earth, to his adventures as a Paladin! How did Lance get to be known as “the Tailor” and what does it have to do with Hunk? What's the very first thing he would do if he was back on Earth? And how does he really feel about Princess Allura?

This story gives readers a closer look into the life of the confident, funny Paladin, Lance


The book is a first-person perspective narrative as told by Lance retelling the events of the series from Season One through at least Season Three.

New information presented includes:

  • Lance is the youngest of his siblings.
  • All the names of Lance's siblings: Veronica, Rachel, Luis, and Marco.



  • Like all character stories, the paperback edition includes a poster and the book's cover forms Voltron with the other character stories.
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