Laika is a Yupper; a species of massive, primate-like beasts of burden often kept as pets. She belongs to the Warden of Beta Traz: a barren, heavily fortified, prison built to hold Slav.


Laika is over two meters tall, walks on all fours, and has a short tail. She has a small square skull, with a pair of floppy, canine ears and two horns growing from it. She has large fangs and fully yellow eyes situated parallel to a snub, pink nose. She has shaggy purple fur growing all over her torso and legs, as well as on her chin in semblance of a goatee. Her arms - lacking fur - are long and heavily muscled. Laika wears a metal vest and a heavy iron collar.


Laika, like all Yuppers, is incapable of intelligent thought. They tend to repeat one noise in response to human speech: "yup", but this does not signify comprehension. Yuppers behave like Earth dogs: enjoying toys, walks, and willing to fight other creatures on their owner's behalf. However, their indomitable size and strength makes them prime candidates as guards onboard secure facilities; such as Galra prisons. Hence, Laika's dual roles as protector of Beta Traz and the Warden's pet.



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