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LJN Toys was an American toy company that held the Voltron toy license in 1986 after Panosh Place's closure. Unlike previous license-holders of the Voltron toy license, LJN's toys focused on the mobility of the toys where they often included wheels with pullback motors. It also made some of the earliest Voltron toys that had lights and electronics in them.

Combining toys

The Motorized Lion Force line of toys were combining lions that all featured pullback wheels.The Red and Blue Lion were packaged together, as with Green and Yellow Lion in their own separate packaging. The Black Lion was packaged with the Blazing Sword. They can also come packaged together in "Master Motorized Lion Force" boxes.

LJN also released "assemblers" which were cheaper toys that do not transform but can combine together. There were assemblers made for both the Lion Force and Vehicle Team Voltrons. The assemblers were made of blocks of rubbers that were typically of a single color with very little details added onto them when necessary.

Other toys

  • Battle Risers
  • Computer Control Voltron
  • Battling Black Lion
  • Giant Commander Voltron
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