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The Krelshi are creatures native to Planet Ariel.

Voltron Force (TV Series)

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The Krelshi, ethereal ghost-like beasts who are the ancient protectors of Ariel. At one time Sky Marshal Wade was drilling on planet Ariel. His corite-extracting operation greatly upsetted the creatures. Then Voltron put a stop to the drillers, and Wade's machines. After the incident is over the Krelshi's abnormal behavior ends as they return to normal. [1]

When the Voltron Force needed to remove some Haggarium from Black Lion. However, the group had to survive a series of trials in the Path of Lions, Den of Creation, sacred grounds, in The Forge where Voltron was originally forged in order to find his creator. The Krelshi let all but Vince enter. Warning him that even though he was worthy of being on the force, he's not yet ready for the trials. Meanwhile, the final trial led to a battle with the Krelshi, leading Vince to try and save the team anyway by getting past all of the trial's himself and joining them in the fight. [2]


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