“Through 33 rulers, during times and peace and times of expanse, this flame has burned for over 13 millennia. From our first, Brodar, to Vrig the Great, and longest and most powerful of all, Zarkon...But his time has passed. Our next ruler must ascend the steps of destiny and relight the Kral Zera.” - The Archivist

The Kral Zera is the coronation ceremony for a new emperor or empress of the Galra Empire. It is held on Planet Feyiv, a sacred land and one of the first planets the Galra conquered.

The ceremony itself was fairly simple; upon the death of the reigning monarch, the sacred Kral Zera flame that they themselves lit is extinguished, and candidates are summoned by the Archivist, the overseer of the Kral Zera. A majority of the candidates are top generals and warlords who have made names for themselves in the Galra military.

Once the ceremony has begun, each of the candidates would attempt to take a torch and ascend the Steps of Destiny to relight the Kral Zera flame. However, in order to get their torch to the top of the stairs, the competitors must duel one another in a gladiatorial combat battle royal. Only the strongest among them will be able to reach the top and relight the flame.

Galra who commanded either great respect or great fear amongst their peers could expect to ascend the steps unopposed.


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