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Episode 41

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Kral Zera
Air date March 2, 2018
Written by Mitch Iverson
Directed by Chris Palmer
Episode Transcript

Kral Zera is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on March 2, 2018.


Shiro acts against the wishes of the other Paladins. Powerful Galra from around the empire convene for the Kral Zera ceremony.

Plot Summary

Keith infiltrates the planet Feyiv along with Ilun and Vrek. The Kral Zera is being held on the planet, and their mission is aided by a mole within the Galra Empire. Lotor explains the process of the Kral Zera in detail, but four of the Paladins disagree with his plan to attend, as he wants to take Voltron with him. Shiro disagrees with the rest of the team and stalks off the bridge. Hunk comments about how weird Shiro has been acting later.

Keith and his team plant bombs under the ceremonial platform while above, the assembled generals begin skirmishing. Haggar arrives with her own generals and Commander Sendak who she has chosen to delegate for the throne. As Sendak ascends the stairs to light the Kral Zera, Shiro and the Black Lion appear with Lotor. Shiro has gone behind the backs of his fellow Paladins to follow Lotor's plan.

Keith tries to disarm the bombs because of Shiro's presence, but his fellow Blades desert him. Lotor duels Sendak, but Keith is unable to disarm all the bombs in time. Explosions interrupt the duel and the ceremony descends into chaos.

The other Paladins arrive to help Shiro, and Keith, fighting with one of the contenders to the throne, is saved by Acxa. Lotor lights the Kral Zera and is crowned as the new Emperor of the Galra Empire.

Featured Characters


"Good tip, earthling."
    — A Blade of Marmora, to Keith

"Why would I side with the weak?"
    — Commander Gnov isn't amused by Quatermaster Janka's idea about working together


  • Zethrid and Ezor do not speak in this episode.
  • The Archivist is voiced by Michael Bell, who is better known for voicing Lance in the original series Voltron: Defender of the Universe and its first sequel series Voltron: The Third Dimension in addition to voicing Sven in the former, thus making him the only voice actor to appear in three of the four series from the franchise.
  • While Acxa does speak in this episode, she only has one line and Erica Luttrell doesn't voice her. Instead, Cherise Boothe (who voices Gnov in this episode) does her sole line in the episode.