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Kova is a catlike alien from Altea and was Honerva's pet. He stayed by Haggar's side during the Galra's 10,000 years of total control, before being taken by Lotor and given to his blind and mute general, Narti. After Narti died, he returned to Haggar, but was sacrificed as part of a spell during Season 8.


Kova is an alien with feline features including a tail, four paws, and large, sensitive ears. He has dark grey fur, with light stripes on his back, paws, and a 'Y' shaped spot in the middle of his face. The outer cartilage of his ears is blue, with blue stripes extending over his temples and tapering off near the bridge of his nose. He has almond-shaped yellow eyes with pink pupils, and a flyaway streak of orange fur on top of his head.


Before being altered by Quintessence, Kova was Honerva's pet and was used for companionship and relaxation. He was sociable and easy-going; unfazed by the bright lights and loud noises surrounding him in the crater lab on Daibazaal.

However, after an attack on the lab, Kova fell ill and was used as the first subject in Honerva's experiments with Quintessence. This altered his physical appearance, personality, and greatly extended his lifespan. He became more intelligent and obedient. Kova's main role as an accomplice in Haggar's plots, was letting her discreetly watch Lotor through his eyes.

Despite allying himself with someone as unempathetic and soulless as Haggar, Kova was a loyal and sensitive cat. He stuck with Honerva during her transformation into Haggar, he comforted her estranged child Lotor, he stayed by Narti's lifeless body while the fleet crumbled around him, and he trusted Haggar right up until she sacrificed him for a divination spell.


His controlled exposure to Quintessence allowed Kova to remain in good health for more than 10,000 years. This longevity, combined with his status as a simple-minded pet, made him an ideal tool for Haggar to use to spy on Lotor. Haggar possessed Kova and allowed a bond to form between Lotor's blind, deaf, and mute general, Narti, and her cat. Narti also had the ability to possess people, and she used Kova as an eye and ear-piece through whom she perceived the world. This enabled Haggar to see everything Narti did, and by extension, everything Lotor did.

To summarise, Haggar used Kova to see through Narti's eyes and spy on Lotor.


  • Kova's name is a tribute to Haggar's cat Cova in Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
  • Kova's species is clearly unfamiliar to the Galra, as Zarkon was spooked by his appearance on his first visit to the crater lab.
  • Kova's emotional connection to Lotor was what made him a valuable component of Honerva's divination spell when she tried to discover what happened to her son.