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Kosmo is a cosmic wolf belonging to Keith. He was discovered by Keith and Krolia on their journey through Quantum Abyss, having crash-landed on the surface of a cosmic whale. In addition to having the gift of teleportation, Kosmo likes head-scratches, chews household items, and is prone to drooling and bouts of loneliness.


Kosmo is a wolf-like alien creature with dark blue fur and a fluffy blue mane. His mane concentrates on the scruff of his neck, and continues down his back and forms his tail. He has an area of pale blue fur which dominates his forehead, runs down the bridge of his nose, and frames his face. He has another 'v' shaped patch of blue fur on his chest. He has a teal waterline around his eyes, and teal lines on his haunches and the fins on his ankles.


Kosmo is a wolf of outstanding loyalty, bravery and intelligence.

Ever Since Keith and Krolia saved him from being eaten as an infant, Kosmo has demonstrated a fierce devotion to Keith. He sleeps with Keith on their journey into the Quantum Abyss, follows him into battle, and spends more than a year cooped up in the Voltron Lions to reach Earth. He shows kindness to Keith's friends, and aggression towards his enemies.

Kosmo is Keith's constant companion during conflicts in Season 6 and 7. He helps by strategically teleporting Keith into advantageous positions during a fight, and teleporting away when he's overwhelmed. He has unprecedented levels of intuition and special understanding, able to take out enemies by attacking them inside their spacecraft and teleporting back to safety before the ships are destroyed.

Outside of combat, Kosmo has an impressive ability to comprehend non-verbal commands. He is able to stay quiet when required, seek out enemies, and even deliver packed lunches to the Paladins without being instructed to. He can even judge the compatibility of the members of Team Voltron; rearranging the occupants of the Lions to create more cohesive pairings during a battle.


Kosmo has the ability to teleport short distances with one-to-two people. Using this ability creates a small storm of blue sparks. He uses this power to help Keith out-manoeuvre his opponents, strategically placing him above, behind or away from his enemies. He can also attack enemies inside their ships, and move people and goods between the Lions during their journey back to Earth. Kosmo is incredibly intelligent, as he has assisted Keith in battle by teleporting him to locations of his master's choice without commands. Kosmo is also smart enough to act as a delivery wolf between lions, teleporting between them to deliver food on Hunk's behalf in mid-flight.