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Episode 59

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Know Your Enemy
Know Your Enemy
Air date August 10, 2018
Episode Transcript

Know Your Enemy is the ninth episode of the seventh season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on August 10, 2018.


The Paladins drop off the Lions and head to Earth, believing that information Sam acquired years earlier could help them battle Sendak.

Plot Summary

The Paladins race through the solar system on route to Earth, and finally contact Samuel Holt. Sam tells them to not bring the Lions to Earth because if Sendak knows they are there, he will threaten the population unless they turn them over. The Paladins leave the Lions near Saturn and steal a Galra patrol ship to covertly land on Earth.

On the surface, they are attacked by a Galra force and are rescued by James Griffin and his squad who escort them back to the Galaxy Garrison. Lance and Pidge reunite with their families, but Hunk's family are still out there. The Paladins are brought up to speed on the Galra's efforts on Earth.

Admiral Sanda wants to trade Voltron for the Earth, but the Paladins refuse to do that. Using the information from the Castle of Lions, they build an AI version of Sendak using his memories and interrogate it to learn Sendak's tactics and eventual plans.

Keith and Hunk head out to rescue Hunk's family, linking up with a resistance member. He shows them the work camp where Hunk's family but tells them there is currently no chance to rescue them. Hunk is able to see his family from afar and vows to rescue them.

Allura, having been disheartened by Sendak's AI, shows Shiro something positive she has been working on – a new artificial arm using Sam's technology.

Featured Characters


"If there's anything on your mind-"
"This situation stinks! It's just... I can't believe we finally get back to Earth and it's taken over by Galra!"
"...I guess there is something on your mind."
    — Keith and Hunk

Notes and Goofs

  • Coran scoffs at the idea that a Balmera might exist in the Milky Way because it is such a "young galaxy." In reality, however, the Milky Way is one of the oldest galaxies in the universe, as the recent discovery of ultra metal-poor 13.5-billion-year-old star 2MASS J18082002-5104378B in the same section/layer of the galactic disk as our own star further confirms.