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Episode 73

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Paladins on Planet Daibazaal
Knights of Light, Part 2
Air date December 14th, 2018
Episode Transcript


As they travel deeper into Honerva's mind, they are attacked by the Robeast Myzax, one of the guardians installed to protect Honerva's secrets. The old Paladins hold it off while the new Paladins press on and discover more about Honerva's past and how - as Haggar - she killed Gyrgan, Blaytz and Trigel. They keep going and encounter a second guardian in the form of Zarkon's Robeast armor. The old Paladins arrive to help and once it is defeated, it reverts to an uncorrupted Zarkon. They discover that Honerva's desire is to be reunited with her family. However, because Zarkon and Lotor are both dead, they deduce that she plans on using Lotor's Sincline mech to pierce into another reality where she can have her happy ending. Doing so, however, will result in the destruction of other realities. Honerva becomes aware of their presence in her mind and the Paladins are able to escape with the help of the old Paladins. However, when the new Paladins return to the real world, Allura is comatose.

Featured Characters


"Form Blazing Sword!"

- The Original Black Lion Paladin calls Voltron's flaming sword by its proper name


  • This episode marks the first time Zarkon is heard calling out for Voltron to summon it's sword.
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