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Episode 72

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Knights of Light, Part 1 title
Knights of Light, Part 1
Air date December 14th, 2018
Episode Transcript


When Allura wakes up two days later, she has little memory of the recent events. Despite disapproving of Allura's decision to take in the dark creature, the team nonetheless decide to use its connection to Honerva to see into her mind and hopefully figure out her plans. As they reach Honerva's mind, all the Paladins - except Keith - are pulled in and forced to fight corrupted versions of the original Paladins. Once defeated, the original Paladins are restored and freed from Honerva's corruption. Paladins old and new reunite outside Honerva's mind and Allura is reunited with her father. Despite his warnings of the dark creatures and how they led to Honerva's corruption, Allura presses on and they are able to enter Honerva's subconscious.

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