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Kimberly Brooks is the voice actress of Allura. She has voiced for several animated TV series and video games, but has also done acting for live-action series and theater. She is best known for her voice role as Jasper from Steven Universe.

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Working on Legendary Defender, it is rare for the entire cast to record at the same time, but Brooks enjoys when the recording booth is filled with as many people as possible because of the genuine bond between the series cast and staff; she compares their bond to that of forming Voltron.[1]

Brooks considers Allura to be a multi-faceted feminine, youthful, strong character and one of the best "gifts" of a role she has ever received.[1] Brooks watched some of the original Defender of the Universe series as a child, but did not remember much about it.[2] She thinks the old Allura was a determined character who was punished for wanting to do things other characters thought a girl could not do, and is glad that Legendary Defender wrote Allura so strongly.[2]

One of the most difficult parts of playing Allura for Brooks is perfecting her accent.[3] She believes that Allura is very intuitive and has a connection with all of the Voltron Lions because of King Alfor and growing up with the Lions, and this is why Allura believed she could pilot a Lion but only needed to focus on their bond and put it into practice.[1] Her story resonates with Brooks as a lesson to the viewers to have confidence in their abilities and believe themselves.[1] Outside of voice acting, she likes to stay busy doing promo work, announcing, cooking, and traveling.[1]


  • purportedly the Unilu kiosk girl (Tweet needs locating)


  • One of Brooks' favorite things about Allura is her earrings, which appear to be floating and not attached to her ears.[1]
  • Brooks enjoys the episode Space Mall for its antics, and also likes the aspects of Allura's development in Season Three.[1]
  • If she had to pick one Paladin to be stranded with, Brooks would pick Pidge for her smarts.[1]
  • One of Brooks' favorite lines is when Allura is desperate to bond with the Blue Lion and recites one of Lance's pickup lines.[1]
  • Brooks' favorite Altean Mice moment is when Coran randomly is searching for Pluchatt with no explanation.[1]
  • Brooks embraces the fan nickname of "Space Mom" for Allura, considering it a term of endearment.[1]

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