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Kickstart Productions is an American cross-media production company. Originally in partnership with World Events Productions in a proposed 2005 series, it would later produce the 2011 Voltron Force series that aired on Nicktoons.

Cancelled 2005 Voltron Interactive Series

A proposed television series was to be produced by Kickstart aiming to air Fall 2005.[1] WEP would propose the show at MIPCOM, an annual television trade show held in France, to strike a deal with a broadcast buy-in to further develop the series. However, for unknown reasons, the proposed 2005 series was cancelled.

2011 Voltron Force series

In 2011, Kickstart would be the producer of the 2011 series Voltron Force. Unlike its predecessor, Voltron: The Third Dimension, it would blend both 2D and 3D in its animation style.

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