This article is about the Lion Force commander as he appears in Voltron Force-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Keith (disambiguation).

Keith (Voltron Force) is a human from the Voltron Force franchise.

Keith Kogane (pronounced "KO-gain") (Last name revealed in Crossed Signals. Spelling confirmed by closed captions.) was once a fugitive and the former commander of the once renegade Voltron Force and traditionally the pilot of the Black Lion, though he later stepped down. Keith's Voltcom weapons are dual swords.


Since the decommissioning of Voltron, Keith has been a fugitive, wanted by the Galaxy Alliance. [1]

Keith eventually manages to infiltrate Sky Marshall Wade's secret base and searches for the Black Lion. Keith manages to find and free Black Lion, contacting Pidge and trying to escape Wade's security.

As Pidge and Hunk go to rescue Keith from drifting into space (due to the fact that Wade's experiments on the Black Lion had left it almost completely drained of power), Pidge and Hunk manages save Keith and Black Lion and send them to Arus, accidentally decapitating the Robeast that was attacking the rest of the Voltron Force and destroying it.

After investigating a centuries-old Arusian distress signal, Keith learns that his great-grandfather commanded the ship and was a Knight of Arus, proving that his family is originally from Arus not Earth.

After the fight with Lotolider, the merged form of the Lider and Lotor, Keith stepped down and promoted Daniel to be Black Lion's pilot after Daniel showed he could lead the Voltron Force and Keith became king of Arus.

During Daniel's first mission he proved he wasn't ready to lead the Voltron Force, Keith came out of retirement and took back the Black Lion.