Murakami in the present

Katsushi Murakami (村上克司 Murakami Katsushi?) is a Japanese toy designer that has worked for Bandai, and its subsidiaries Popy and Victora, since the early 1960's and the pioneer of Chogokin.

Voltron related toys designed

Concept sketches for the GB-36 DX Golion

The list below contains toys designed by Murakami for all four Japanese series intended to become Voltron: Defender of the Universe in its American localization. However, only the toy lines from Beast King GoLion, Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV, and Lightspeed Electroid Albegas were imported into Matchbox's Voltron toy line.


Godaikin's catalog featuring a number of Popy toys that Murakami designed

Popy (ポピー?) was a subsidiary of Bandai that focused on toys of licensed characters. It is notable for its die-cast toys such as Popynica, focusing on vehicles, and Chogokin, focusing on robots. Italicized items indicates they were imported to Godaikin while bolded are items imported to Matchbox.

  • Popynica series
    • PB-81 Gunper
  • Chogokin series
    • GB-01 Atlus
    • GB-02 Veralios
    • GB-35 ST Golion
    • GB-36 DX Golion
    • GB-72 DX Dairugger XV
    • GB-73 ST Dairugger XV
    • GC-03 ST Albegas
    • GC-04 DX Albegas
  • Mechaclear Dairugger XV
  • Mechagold Dairugger XV


Victora (ビクトラー Bikutorā?) was a a subsidiary of Popy that focused on toys using cheaper plastic materials made to be sold at a more affordable price. Often times they are like standard non-combining versions of Chogokin toys with the exception to the Albegas toys.

  • Golion
  • Dairugger XV
  • Alpha Robo
  • Beta Robo
  • Gamma Robo

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