Karp enjoying the officer's party.

Karp is a cocky, egotistical alien pilot who was recruited by Lotor and Haggar to pilot a new Robeast.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Based on Reggar from Beast King Golion

Although given the responsibility of piloting a powerful Robeast, he retained his smug attitude by demanding that the Robeast be painted red to match his trademark color. He wreaks considerable havoc on Arus and several other planets. He was going to be made Governor General of Arus much to the annoyance of Mogor who disliked Karp's superior attitude. Karp was eventually defeated by Voltron; one of the few enemies that Voltron defeated by chance. Mogor was not disappointed that Karp had such a short career as Governor General.

Karp's vehicle, the Red Raptor Robeast, he insisted it be colored red.


  • While Reggar (Karp's golion counterpart) is seen disintegrating in Golion, American Voltron, as was usual, Karp's death was covered by dialogue; in this case Lotor saying "Maybe he'll land safely and come again." Lotor's voiceover continues over what is actually a sunrise, however the added sound effect suggests an explosion on the planet. Lotor states that Karp, unfortunately did not make a very good landing and would probably be in no condition to fly for some time.


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