"I told you if it didn't work this time, I will destroy you!"

—Kala, "Defenders of Arus"

Commander Kala is a Drule commander infamous for her military intellect and bloodlust.


Voltron Force (TV series)

Kala recruits Maahox to resurrect Lotor, only to be betrayed by the scientist and fused with an alien arachnid to become the first of a new generation of Robeasts. [1]

Kala Robeast first appears in Defenders of the Universe

In her new Robeast form, Kala was sent to some canyons on Arus near some distance of the Castle of Lions . In the canyons she spun large amount of purple color webs, the Voltron Force Lions, except the Black Lion, engage. Since Kala Robeast is powers by Haggarium, which weaken the Lions and they were easily taken down. Around this time Wade sent his robotic lion which she manages to capture the Wade Lion and merge with it before being defeated by Voltron and tossed into space. [2]

During Wade's trial, the fused Kala Robeast tears the roof off the courtroom and rescues Wade. Daniel, with his consciousness trapped in Voltron, locates them. Wade and the Kala Robeast capture Voltron and attempt to merge with it. Vince taps into the fused consciousness and learns that Wade and Kala are now a merged single mind. The Voltron Force frees Voltron and Vince is able to extract Daniel. Hunk and Pidge use Awesometron as a kamikaze weapon against the Kala Robeast, destroying both robots, though as they retreat, they see that the Kala Robeast is already putting itself back together. [3]

It reemerges on Planet Doom seeking revenge against Maahox. Before it could kill Maahox, Lotor attacked it because his new castle was being damaged, during the battle it merged with Lotor with Lotor as the dominant personality. It was destroyed by the Voltron Force. It's unknown if it reformed after the battle, at the time of Planet Doom's destruction it was still in pieces.



  • She is a Drule commander known for her military intellect and bloodlust.

Kala Robeast

Kala Robeast after merging the Wade Lion

  • As a spider type Robeast, she can climb walls, make webs and able to shoot lasers from her behind and mouth. Since she is powered by Haggarium her webs are laced with it. [4]
  • Kala Robeast has the ability to merge anything that is mechanical like the Wade Lion, spaceships and maybe Voltron. To merge with a machine, Kala Robeast cocoons the machine with her webs and then burst out the cocoon with the properties of both the Robeast and machine. [5]
  • After merging with the Wade Lion, Kala Robeast gained missile launchers and drip Haggarium acid from her mouth. [6]
  • Kala Robeast has the ability to reform itself after it is destroyed. [7][8]


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