The Jungle Planet is the location where the Green Lion was hidden for at most 10,000 years.


Little is known about the planet's history. Ten thousand years ago, King Alfor scattered the Voltron Lions to hidden locations across the universe after Zarkon's obsession with Voltron's power led him to violently betray Alfor and the Alteans. At some point, the Green Lion was hidden in a temple built on the jungle planet, and carvings of the Lion were created on rocks in the surrounding area.


The planet is a spherical and hospitable one with a breathable atmosphere. There appears to be a red moon orbiting the planet. The planet itself is largely covered in a thick jungle, with trees growing taller than most trees on Earth. Rivers and other large bodies of water can be found throughout the environment. Several creatures live in the jungles, including a large, white, and bipedal alien sloth that operates a wooden canoe.

Other creatures, such as yellow and white alien rabbits, live in the jungle; they have two arms each, a pair of tall ears, white bushy tails, and stand on two legs. Alien butterflies can be seen flying near rivers with pale gray bodies, long tails, and splayed wings that are orange and yellow in color.

A stone temple was built to house the Green Lion, but it has become overgrown with roots and vines to be nearly invisible.


While the temple and carving must have been created by some means, there are no known alien races or societies currently inhabiting the planet.


<gallery expand="true"> JunglePlanetForest.png|The jungle. JunglePlanetCanoe.png|Alien canoe. JunglePlanetCanoeHead.png|Lion carving on the bow. JunglePlanetBunnies.png|Alien rabbits. JunglePlanetCarving.png|Carving of the Green Lion. JunglePlanetRiver.png|The river and carvings. JunglePlanetRiver2.png|Lion carvings. JunglePlanetTemple.png|The temple of the Green Lion. JunglePlanetTemple2.png|A closer look at the temple. JunglePlanetTemple3.png|Temple carving. JunglePlanetTemple4.png|The temple glows. JunglePlanetTemple5.png|Pidge

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