Jeremy Shada is the voice actor of Lance. He is a voice actor, actor, and singer. He has acted on several TV series and is best known for his voice role as Finn from Adventure Time.

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Shada was aware that previous Voltron series existed, but did not watch Defender of the Universe initially because he did not want anything of the older franchise to influence his recording sessions, as he wanted Legendary Defender to be fresh and new.[1] After Season One was finished in production, he finally watched Defender of the Universe and loved its over-dramatic and "eighties" feel, and how Legendary Defender pays so much homage to the original show.[1] It put into perspective how much more complex and leveled the Legendary Defender characters and story are.[1]

While both he and Lance are goofy characters, Shada enjoys playing Lance because they are so different, in that he finds it fun to play someone who so overconfident and yet is not the smartest person in the group at all times.[2] Shada describes himself as being different from Lance in that he himself is more level-headed and realistic, and not flirting constantly.[2] He considers Lance a fun character who is much like Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and thinks he is the one team member who is excited about being in space and doing cool things, which he feels is what resonates with fans.[2]


  • In order to get into character, Shada reads the beginning of the script and takes on a flirtatious persona, as in "What are we doing guys? I mean, ladies."[2]
  • Shada's favorite pick up line of Lance is "Girl, you've already activated my particle barrier".[2]
  • Shada enjoys The Depths for showcasing Lance and Hunk's friendship and the focused and mature aspects of Lance's character.[2]
  • Some of Shada's favorite episodes are Changing of the Guard and Red Paladin because of the Lion switching.[3]
  • Shada has done temporary recordings for Coran when Rhys Darby is unavailable to record scenes until later. This started as Shada jokingly impersonating Coran out of love for Rhys Darby's voice and personality; his impersonation was so well done that he was asked to provide temporary voice recordings.[3]

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