Voltron AirTeam

Jeff's vehicle.

Jeff is the leader of the Voltron Vehicle Force and the Air Sub-Team. He pilots the Command Jet Explorer (#1), which forms the head of Voltron.

Based on Aki Manabu from Armored Fleet Dairugger XV

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Neil Ross[1]

Vehicle Force sub-series

Jeff and Keith had a friendly rivalry in their academy days. Jeff is occasionally head-strong, but still a capable leader.

He has feelings for fellow Voltron pilot Lisa.

Devil's Due Publishing comics continuity

Jeff was one of several people chosen to pilot a machine named "V-15" by Galaxy Garrison, he and his team were first deployed after the original Voltron to recapture it until he received new orders to support Voltron. Jeff and Keith did not like one another, particularly with regard to Lion Voltron's accidental "sneak attack" on Vehicle Voltron during the robots' first battle together.


  • Jeff's favorite beverage is hot chocolate.
  • Jeff once owned a pet dog named Rover.
  • Jeff does not have a last name in Defender of the Universe. In the comics by Devil's Due Publishing re-imagining the Defender of the Universe story, the character Jeff is given the full name Jeff Dukane.


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