Quartermaster Janka was a Galra commander and a kingpin of trade and travel. What he lacks in stature, he makes up for in political power.


Janka is a pale, pot-bellied Galra male. He has glowing cybernetic goggles that enable him to project a computer screen.


Janka has a cunning, strategic mind. His power derives from the way he manipulates bureaucracy, rather than from fighting. The trade and travel taxes he imposes have enabled him to expand and become the second largest fleet in the empire. He collects runs a vast number of Galra outposts, collecting revenue from bribes.

Janka is a good judge of character. He knows that its crucial for him to use proxy if he ever wants to enter a fight, such as during the Kral Zera ceremony. When the ceremoney devolves into chaos, Janka chooses to flee, rather than try to coerce another proxy, or enter the fray himself.


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