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Although she may seem like a bit of a space cadet, her innate ability to take everything in and perform under pressure makes her a formidable pilot. Leifsdottir is dry, quick witted, and extremely observational. Even though oftentimes she may seem like she isn't paying attention to her surroundings, she's still most likely one of the smartest people in the room.

— Official Profile , Voltron: Legendary Defender Official Website

Ina Leifsdottir is a cadet at the Garrison. She is excellent at calculations and can survey a battlefield in mere seconds, as well as being an excellent pilot. She is one of the four MFE fighter pilots. Leifsdottir has short blond hair, blue eyes, and lots of freckles. 


Ina is a human female, between 17-23 years old. She's roughly a foot shorter than her fellow MFE pilots. She has blonde hair in a shaggy bowl cut. She has half-lidded, blue eyes and freckles.

Ina wears the standard Galaxy Garrison uniform. It's a white coat with orange sleeves, a mandarin collar and a circular, gold bade on her right arm. The coat has black piping and cinches at the waist with a broad black belt. She wears grey pants and polished, black boots. Ina's coat has two gold stripes, which indicates she is a senior cadet.


A woman of dry wit, immense intellect, and incredibly blunted affect, Ina is often seen as being incredibly composed despite the dangers she is often in as an MFE pilot for the Garrison. She is never shown to lose her composure, even when Veronica was taken by Galran hostiles, taking it in stride with a downcast, though collected effect.


  • Keen memory: Her memory appears to be eidetic, as she was able to rapidly memorize Veronica's exact route through the old subterranean train system during a supply run mission and then recite it without missing a beat.
  • Tactics: Ina is a natural tactical analyst, as she is often whom James Griffin turns to when at a loss for ideas during a fight.


  • Ina's first name is only spoken once in-series (Launch Date), then she is referred to only by her last name throughout the series, it was then revealed on the official Voltron website.
  • Leifsdottir is an Icelandic name, suggesting she may have Icelandic heritage.
  • It is also possible that her name is based of Erik Leifson, a Icelandic explorer who discovered America in the late 10th century.


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