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Ms. Hys was a servant of the royal Altean family. She was voiced by Kazuyo Aoki.


Hys was born sometime in the 1950's. By the early 1980's she was employed as a servant by the Altean royal family. She survived the Galra Empire attack in 1984, and went into hiding.

In 1999, she heard about the rise of Castle Gradam, and went there. She met Raible, and reunited with Princess Fala, now sixteen years old. She was overprotective of the princess, as she was the last known survivor. She eventually accepted Fala's place in the Golion team, but it took her a very long time.

About a year after the rise of Castle Gradam, she sacrificed herself to save Raible from getting killed by Saint, taking a bullet for him. As she lay dying in Raible's arms, her last words were that she had no regrets other than not being able to see Princess Fala on her wedding day. Even when the GoLion team members (save for Fala) weren't too fond of her, they were appalled when told about her murder and swore to punish the Galra as revenge.



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