Commander Hira is a female Altean from an alternate reality where the Alteans became an evil Empire instead of the Galra. In her reality, Altea is alive and well, and after achieving victory over the initial Galra uprising, her people set upon the mission to preserve life throughout the universe - even if it means implanting mind-control devices into those unwilling to bend to their rule.


Hira has the appearance of a slender humanoid woman with pale skin and short magenta hair. As an Altean, her ears are pointed at the top rather than rounded, and she has small sickle-shaped marks of light green situated on her cheekbones, right under each of her cyan-colored eyes. The pupils of her eyes have a noticeable blue color in the center of them. Hira's hair is slicked back and flares out at the base of her neck; part of her hair sits looser than the rest so it protrudes either side of her head, flowing behind her ears. On the right side of her face, she has a mole under her lips.

Hira wears white armor over a blue and gray space suit. The armor is accented with light blue and the Altean blue. On the center of the cuirass is a stylized "V", appearing more jagged than that adorning the Voltron Paladins.


While initially appearing to be kind and respectful, and an advocate for peace, Hira is truly a cold-hearted and ruthless commander who only seeks to use Allura to retrieve the second Trans-reality Comet. She is a devout follower of the Altean Empire and believes that true peace is achieved through depriving anyone deemed disruptive and dangerous of their free will, turning them into mindless slaves for the empire to control. This is something she and all Alteans of her empire deem necessary to ensure the preservation of every living being. She holds her reality's Empress "Allura" in high respect, though the Empress is implied to be long dead.[1] Normally a calm and collected military officer, Hira becomes more vicious and frustrated as her plans fall apart.


Hira is a swordswomen who uses an energy katar in her left hand; her armor is equipped with a built-in laser gun in its right gauntlet.[1] Her combat prowess is unknown; although she is perceptive enough to predict Allura's attack and counter it, Hira is quickly subdued. She commands an Altean warship and correctly claims Allura is capable of activating and piloting Commodore Trayling's Tel-Galax exploration shuttle, showing she has extensive knowledge in Altean technology and military tactics. Her armor appears to have boosters on the back of her calves and cuirass, which would allow her brief sustained flight.


  • She introduces herself with the title Commander, but is later referred to as General Hira.
  • The Netflix subtitles spell her name as Hira, while the IMDb credits spell her name as Heera.[2]



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