This wiki is still very young, and as we grow, more guidelines will be added as our loose community of editors develops.

Inviolable Guidelines

  1. Cite everything you can. Any "facts" that can't be backed up are subject to removal. Our memories are untrustworthy.
  2. No fanfic, or references to it. This wiki is for canonical information only. Do not add "facts" from fanfic. Do not refer to fanfic stories. Do not link to fanfic in pages' references sections (i.e. no "backdoor promotion" of fanfic). User pages are, of course, exempt from this rule.
  3. Translations/romanizations from authorized USA releases take precedent. For translations from Japanese, this wiki shall use translations and romanizations taken from USA-based releases. For instance, if there are differences beteween different DVD regions' Golion or Dairugger translations/romanizations, the Media Blasters USA releases will take precedent. Alternate translations of episode titles, character names, etc., can be noted on the specific episode/character/etc page. (The USA was chosen because WEP is based in the USA.)

When in Doubt

Check out the TFWiki's guidelines. They have a great thing going over there, and are a good model of what this wiki can and should be.

Example pages

(Should I keep these? Maybe just point to good examples of existing pages.)

Handy Wikia Links

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