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Heart of the Lion
Heart of the Lion
Air date August 10, 2018
Episode Transcript

Heart of the Lion is the tenth episode of the seventh season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on August 10, 2018.


The Paladins work with the Garrison pilots on a mission that could provide more clues about how to take down Sendak's operation.

Plot Summary

While being fitted with his new arm, Shiro reacts negatively. Allura acts quickly, replacing the power source with one of her own Altean crystals. The arm stablizes and Shiro recovers.

The Paladins present Sendak's strategy to the Galaxy Garrison command staff. Using slave labor, he is constructing weapons at key locations around the planet that will help him to control the planet. In order to determine their strategy, a team of Paladins and Galaxy Garrison pilots are sent on a scouting mission.

A ground team of Keith, Pidge, Allura, James Griffin, and Cosmo the wolf infiltrates the facility while a sniper team consisting of Lance, Hunk, Kinkade, and Veronica covers them. Pidge manages to get the information and learns that the facilities are building Zaiforge Cannons capable of destroying the planet.

With the stakes high, the decision is made to attack all six bases at the same time. The plan is for the five lions to attack a facility each, and for the MFE fighters to assault the sixth. Four of the Paladins were to be delivered to their targets by MFE fighter, with Lance being driven to his target by his sister, Veronica. The Paladins would connect with their Lions and direct them to meet with them on route to their targets.

All of the Paladins manage to call their Lions, except for Lance as they are engaged by Galra forces before they reach the target. Luckily, the Red Lion arrives in time to save Lance.

With the attack underway, it becomes clear that the target defenses are stronger than expected and the Paladins are unable to prevent the launch of the Zaiforge Cannons. It becomes clear that their plan has been leaked – Admiral Sanda has reached an agreement with Sendak to hand over Voltron in exchange for Earth. The Paladins form Voltron but a hit from the cannons separates them into their individual Lions.

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"I got to get me one of those."
    — An impressed James watches Cosmo the Space Wolf in action



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