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Commander Hazar is a high-ranking warlord of the Drule Empire. Hazar was known as Teles in the original Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV series.


Voltron: Defender of the Universe Continuity

Near the beginning of the series, Hazar was a typical Drule military leader bent on galactic conquest.


Midway through the series, he begins to have a change of heart, and becomes more compassionate in his quest; and, like Commander Hawkins, tries time and time again to arrange for peace between the Drule Empire and the Galaxy Alliance.

Throughout the series, he has had to put up with demotions, imprisonment, and worst of all, treacherous underlings who repeatedly and deliberately disobey his direct orders of helping bring peace, in favor of attacking the Alliance.

Hazar with his father


  • Hazar has a sister, Dorma.
  • Hazar's Dairugger counterpart Teles does not become the new leader of his people. Instead he chooses to stay and die along with the planet Galveston.