This article is about the Drule witch as she appears in DotU-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Haggar (disambiguation).

Haggar is a powerful witch, and loyal to King Zarkon. She is responsible for the creation of many of Voltron's Robeast opponents.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Haggar the witch is the one responsible for creating all of the Robeasts (or Galran Beast Fighters) that Voltron must destroy. She is notorious for using her dark magic to cast hypnotizing spells over people. Though she was once good and beautiful, she is now evil and ugly. It is implied in the 'Fleet of Doom' film that she was one of Zarkon's old love interests, and possibly a concubine.

It was Haggar who was responsible for originally splitting Voltron into five components in the American version. In the Japanese version, it was an unnamed 'space goddess'.

Voltron: The Third Dimension

In the Third Dimension series, Haggar went into hiding after the final battle, but rejoined Lotor in his conquest schemes. They strike a deal in which, if Lotor conquers the universe, she gets the magic of the lions while he gets the universe and the lions themselves.

Devil's Due Comic

In the "Devil's Due" comic series, Haggar had no part in Voltron's origin story, replaced by an ancestor of Zarkon's, though she is well versed in it. She also attempted to brainwash Sven at Merla's request.


  • Haggar has a blue cat named Cova that may also act as a kind of familiar. Cova often assists Haggar in her spells.
  • Haggar's past of once being a good sorceress in the Defender of the Universe series is a departure from her GoLion counterpart, Honerva.


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