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The Guns of Gamara are a rebel organisation somewhat equivalent to the Blade of Marmora in the current universe. They exist in an alternate reality where the Alteans succeeded in defeating the Galra. In this universe, the Alteans are instead the force that has ruled for 10,000 years and have been consumed by a dystopic ideology. They carry blasters, rather than having blades as their signature weaponry, however, it is also shown that Sven (who is Shiro’s alternate in this reality) also carried a sword.

It’s members wear a black and grey armoured suit, distinguished by a glowing green ‘V’ on their helmets.

Known Members:

  • Sven: An alternate reality counterpart of Shiro. It is unknown whether or not he is alive, after taking a fatal shot to save Lance’s life.
  • Slav: who in every reality seems to be the epitome of paranoid. He is alive in both realities that he’s been shown in.


  • Their signature uniform is slightly similar to the original pink and white space suit that Allura has been shown to wear. It is possible that just like the Blades of Marmora are a dissident Galra faction, that the Guns of Gamara are a dissident Altean faction.
  • The Blades and the Guns of Gamara have multiple differences, a major separation point being that The Blades accept only those who are of Galra heritage and, as is shown primarily by Keith, can pass the Trials of Marmora and awaken their blade. As Sven and Slav do not seem to be/are not proven to be of mixed alien heritage, it is safe to say that the Guns are willing to accept any fighters they can.
  • The Altean forces from the Guns of Gamara’s reality are far from the ones that Allura remembers. Lead by Commander Hira, the Alteans use their advancements in technology to take away their enemies free will; “The free will that would end your life in an instant.”, as Commander Hira puts it. They do not believe in change, only perfection.
  • One of the alternate Altean Empire’s most outstanding achievements is known as the “Hoktril”. It is the device that the Alteans use to sap the free will from their enemies. An example of a race controlled would be the Noncogs. Slav talks about the Hoktril by declaring that the devices favor “Peace over freedom.”
  • Slav is very similar to Shiro, and not only because he’s Shiro’s alternate. Though Sven’s accent is Scandinavian, it clear that he has a Japanese heritage, like Shiro. His personality and actions (sacrificing himself for Lance, who he hardly knew; being able to convince Allura that Hira was lying to her) are so much like Shiro in many ways.
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