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Guirus was a Galran in Beast King Golion.

Beast King Golion

Guirus was a Galran Lieutenant in the Black Army, working under Sadak. He worked exchanging hostages. To make an example, he had one of the prisoners shot during the exchange. When Fran's mother stepped out of the line to reunite with her child, Guirus shot her, wounding, but not killing her. When Golion was formed, Guirus split the scene. [1]


Guirus was a stoutly muscular Galran, his ears were similar in appearance to Sadak, and his eyes were the usual pupil-less yellow of Galrans.

Like Sadak, Guirus appeared to be a cyborg having a gun in his abdomen.

Aside from wanting to fulfill his mission, and the typical Galran tendency towards inhumane actions, little is seen of Guirus's personality.


  • Guirus is the only named Galran never shown or indicated to die in the series.


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