The Guardian of the Krell was a massive insect-like creature living on the planet Krell. The creature protected the natives of Krell from the Abomination, another large and vicious creature. Every year, the people of Krell would cook a feast for the guardian, so the guardian would continue to protect them.

When the Paladins of Voltron arrived seeking a Yalexian Pearl to pay off Coran's debt to Kythylian Mu, the team mistook the guardian for the Yalex and battled it. This unfortunately ended in the guardian's death.


The guardian is bipedal and as tall as Voltron, with green outer shell armor that is strong enough to withstand the Mouth Cannons of the Voltron Lions and the saber of Voltron.[1] It has four pairs of arms: two small pairs on its torso, one massive pair at its shoulders, and a final pair on its shoulder blades. Three pairs of its arms have large pincers, while the pair situated on its shoulder blades end in sickle blades. The guardian has two eyes, two horns on each side of its jaw, and prominent teeth strong enough to damage the armor of the Yellow Lion.[1] In the end, it is only the guardian's own sickle blades that can pierce through its armor.


  • The Guardian is a character exclusive to the Voltron: Legendary Defender comic series.


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