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This article is about the lion as it appears in Voltron Force-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Green Lion (disambiguation).

The Green Lion traditionally forms the left arm Voltron. Pidge piloted it for a long time until he stepped down in favor of Vince.

Seeing how Vince's powers are offer great enhancement to Voltron, Pidge formally passes his Green-Lion-pilot role to Vince. [1]


  • Green-center Voltron's weapon is the Boomerang Shield.
  • The Green Lion's tail weapon is the "Tail Blade", which throws shuriken-like weapons at the target.
  • It also has a mouth sonic cannon
  • It also has a built in computer,air purifier, and a slick metal to slide things off as while as having sticky paws and the second sharpest claws.


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