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The Green Lion is one of the components of Voltron, serving as the left arm of the giant robot, and is piloted by Pidge.


10,000 years ago, the Green Lion and its fellows were scattered across the galaxy by King Alfor to keep them out of the hands of Zarkon and the Galra Empire. The Green Lion was hidden on a peaceful jungle planet atop a temple that over time was overgrown by a large tangle of vines that disguised its location. Noted by Allura as possessing an inquisitive nature, it thus bonded naturally with Pidge, who soon employed it as part of a mission to rescue the Red Lion. Pidge later fitted the Green Lion with a short-term use cloaking device, enabling it to fly over or near enemy targets unseen for brief periods of time.


The Green Lion has the ability to shoot at targets using the laser from its mouth. Unlike the Blue Lion or the Red Lion, however, it does not possess a special ability with this laser.

The Green Lion has a cloaking ability that Pidge incorporated with its technology that is based on the Castle of Lion's invisible maze. This cloaking technique has allowed the Green Lion to sneak behind enemy lines, such as when the team went up against the Galra main base.

During Season 2, it was discovered the Green Lion can create a cannon on its back that fires a beam that causes the spontaneous growth of plants on whatever it hits. Appearing to be vines or roots, they will bind and crush whatever they grew out of. Pidge discovered this ability after developing her own connection to nature.

At the end of Season 7 it was discovered the Green Lion could provide Voltron with a large cannon mounted to what would be the Lion's back. Unlike the shoulder cannon granted by Yellow Lion, this one seems to fire a wider beam and be better at mid-to-close ranges. It can also be used along with Red Lion to form dual swords.


  • Pidge refers to the Green Lion as a girl.
  • The original green paladin was named Trigel, who was from the Dalterion belt.
  • The associated personality trait of the lion is an adventurous, inquisitive nature. (As seen in the first episode, through the process it took for Pidge, with Shiro, to collect Green, and what Shiro said as they did so.)
  • During the comics it was shown that Voltron's shoulder guard can lower back into its original position to serve as a shield. Though smaller, it appears to be as durable as the wing shield and at the same time allows Voltron to maintain use of the wings.
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