During any series, there are bound to be errors in the animation, plot, and other things that slip in.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe (1984)

  • Throughout the entire series of Voltron, even though he disappeared after the fifth episode, Sven is shown in the opening credits (first in the scene and fifth in the flying flicks of the crew). In the closing credits, Princess Allura is shown second after Keith, and also shown standing on Blue Lion.
  • When the Voltron team descend to the lions for the very first time, Keith is shown running to the #1 entranceway. But at that point in the story, the key for the #1 lion hadn't yet been found, and Keith was using Pidge's lion.
  • In order to activate the lions, each team member had to insert a special key. In many instances when Keith is starting the Voltron forming sequence, his key can still be seen on his tunic, but then is also seen on the panel of his lion.
  • In the episode "The Princess Joins Up", when Allura is thanking the Voltron force at the end of the episode, each member is shown on top of their respective lions. However, when the blue lion is shown, it is obviously Allura on it and not Sven. At that point, Sven was still piloting the blue lion.
  • During the "Vehicle Voltron" series, much of the dialogue between Commander Hawkins and Captain Newley was written to give the appearance that Hawkins was the senior ranking officer aboard the Explorer with Newley his second in command. A naval captain, however, outranks a commander. In the original Dairugger XV series, Newley (Admiral Dick Asimov) was the senior ranking officer with Hawkins (Captain Shinji Ise) his second in command. The animation in Voltron clearly continues to depict the two officers' original ranks regardless of the dialogue changes.