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Episode 20

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Goodbye, Earth
Episode Transcript

Earth is in trouble, and the Golion team races to Earth to help. Will they save the Earth? Or be destroyed with it?

Japanese title: (needs transcription)

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Raible and Hys discussing Fala's plan to marry a prince. Hys says that none of the pilots could be a prince, but they can be bodyguards. An argument starts, but Kogane ends up by having him and his team leave. They go to the control room and take a look at Earth. Something strikes the Earth. Wanting to see their birth world with their own eyes, they decide to go to Earth. The guards try to stop them, but they fail and the team takes the lions to Earth.

Meanwhile, on planet Galra, Honerva predicts that Earth has at most days to live. Daibazaal sends Sincline to Earth to intercept Golion and kill them.

Upon their approach, they find out that Earth's oceans were consumed by magma. Feeling grief that there might not be any survivors, they continue to the ruins of Tokyo, Japan. They spot a fallout shelter near the Fuji Space School. Landing the lions, they go inside and only see corpses. They break down, as it appears that no one they knew from Earth had survived. To illustrate a point, a skeletal arm falls on the ground and turns into dust.

Just then, Sincline and the Galran forces attack. Kogane and company go to their lions to counterattack. Sincline deploys the beastman Batolda. The lions have trouble dealing with the deathblack beastman.

Fala takes Blue Lion to Earth over Raible's and Hys's protests. Sincline is excited when he sees Blue Lion approach.

Meanwhile, to create a diversion, Kurogane blasts a magma chamber underneath Mount Fuji, causing the volcano to erupt. The eruption allows the lions to escape, and it also damages Sincline's command ship. Kogane and company notice Blue Lion, and they combine. Golion battles Batolda, who quickly pins it down. An eruption from Fuji strikes the beastman, allowing Golion to gain the upper hand and destroy Batolda.

Sincline withdraws due to the pending destruction of Earth. Golion escape and Kogane, Kurogane, Seido, and Suzuishi grieve as their home world explodes. Fala asks them to make Altea their new home.

Featured Characters

The Golion Team

Galra Empire

Castle Altea


  • Galra has been monitoring Earth for quite some time, possibly before the war.
  • It was already revealed in "Girl of the Land of Evil" that many survivors of Earth's war were captured by Galra.
  • This is the first, last, and only time that Golion is shown forming above Earth.
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