Galaxy Garrison exists to turn young cadets like you into the next generation of elite astroexplorers.

—Commander Iverson expounding on the Garrison's true purpose, "The Rise of Voltron"

The Galaxy Garrison is a military organization with the purpose of training promising young indiv

iduals to become the next generation of astroexplorers. While multiple bases exist, the primary focus of the show is one located located in a desert climate on a futuristic Earth, where Lance, Hunk, and Pidge attended under the direction of Iverson. Previously, Keith was also cadet there before he was expelled.

Following the disappearance of Shiro, Samuel Holt, and Matthew Holt during the Kerberos mission, the Garrison was responsible for publicly claiming that the spacecraft had crashed while conducting their own clandestine investigation into alien transmissions detected nearby. When Shiro returned on Earth a year later inside a Galra escape pod, only to escape Garrison quarantine shortly after, it kickstarted a secret research program to study the alien technology.

Another year later, Sam Holt returned to Earth with a copy of the Castle of Lion's database and the news that the remaining factions of the Galra Empire were likely to target humanity in the near future. He then worked with the existing Garrison researchers to bolster Earth's defenses by integrating Galra and Altean technology into human technology, resulting in the creation of the MFE Fighters and the IGF Atlas.

When Sendak's faction, the Fires of Purification attacked Earth, the Garrison was the only location that able to resist the Galra thanks to a particle barrier erected at the last moment. The base remained the sole point of defiance until the arrival of the Paladins.




Those Garrison chefs sure know how to genetically manufacture a delicious vegetable.

—Sam Holt, "Tears of the Balmera"

  • Galaxy Garrison seems to combine aspects of a military academy, NASA, and national intelligence agencies.
  • It's interesting to note how Pidge was able to infiltrate the Garrison, fake her medical records, and thoroughly convince Iverson that she was not the girl who made an absolute mockery of his security. Either Galaxy Garrison's security is cut-rate or Pidge is the most badass spy known to humankind. Either way, it's something to laugh at the whole time.
  • The Garrison's base being located in the desert is reminiscent of how the Sonoran Desert of Arizona was used as a simulation ground for extraterrestrial environments leading up to the first moon landing by NASA, as the harsh and parched climate of the Grand Canyon State was the closest thing on Earth to the lunar environment to test the suits used by Neal Armstrong's crew.
  • The Galaxy Garrison is one of the few elements of the Voltron franchise that was taken from Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV that has been a constant in most Voltron continuities
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