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It is where Daniel and Vince schooled at and where the old lair is.


New School Defenders

Daniel was looking and was asked and did'nt know the answer but Vince helped him out.Then Lance appeared in their classroom.Lance explained about what happened to the Voltron Force and what they're currently doing how he,Hunk and Pidge are now under the command of Wade and Allura went to Arus to continue her duty as princess and that Keith is now a fugitive.


Known Students

Known Officers/Teachers

- Lance is now under the command of Wade.

- Hunk is now under the command of Wade.

- Wade has controled already most of the Galaxy Alliance.

- is now in the same situation as Lance and Hunk.


  • It is located on planet Earth.
  • Daniel joined the academy after the decomissioning of Voltron.


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