Florona is a part of a Mer community Lance and Hunk discover. She finds them, crash-landed on the outskirts of her village, and leads them towards civilisation under the thrall of the Baku worm; an organism which produces mind-controlling plant life. When she allows Hunk and Lance to escape, she is fed to the Baku worm as a punishment.


Florona is a female-coded Mer. She has pale pink skin and a powerful orange fish tail. She has raggedy pink finlets situated on her hips and pink stripes on her tail and crotch area. Her eyes are fully blue and reflective, with pink discolouration on her eyelids and two spots in semblance of eyebrows. She has long pink hair with prominent side-bangs and a white patch running down the middle. She has flimsy pink antennae located on her forehead.

Florona wears a yellow, short-sleeved crop top exposing her torso. The shirt has a green ruffle collar, a reverse sweetheart neckline and pink spots on the shoulders. She wears pink ballroom gloves with sharp-looking fins on the elbow. She accessorises with green arm rings.


As Florona is under the psychic control of the Baku worm for the whole episode, her true personality is unknown. As a slave to the worm, she is a humble servant-class worker, eagerly drawing in outsiders and seducing them with mind-controlling food and hypnotic dancing. She presents to Lance and Hunk as their playful, dreamy guide to an alien landscape, but it's unknown whether the worm is forcing her to act this way.

To provide the illusion of an independent society, Florona is sent to the "Baku Garden" under the pretense of falling to supervise prisoners. In reality, the Baku worm is feeding itself by compelling mind-controlled Florona to sacrifice herself to it. If this wasn't clear through exposition, Florona's willingness to swim to her death shows that something is amiss.


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