Fentress is a space pirate who worked under Zethrid and Ezor during their time as pirate warlords.

After the explosion that disfigured them both, Ezor left Zethrid, alarmed at her partner's insatiable bloodlust and desire for revenge, and left her pirate. Fentress would end up joining Zethrid's rage-feuled hunt for Keith as her right-hand woman. She is last seen when Keith knocks her out after tricking her by using his discard armor as a decoy.


Fentress skin tone is periwinkle, with darker purple markings covering her browbones, eyelids and stretching down to the base of her nose. She has slanting yellow eyes, pointed elfish ears, and a purple Mohawk.

She's dressed for combat and subterfuge in the direst of environments. She wears full-body maroon armour with prominent shoulder pads, a fur-lined hood, and multiple utility straps for weaponry and supplies. For the low-oxygen atmosphere of the volcanic planet on which she hunts Team Voltron, she dons a breathing mask. The mouthpiece is bulbous and maroon, connected to the jawpeice which wraps around the back of her head, via stretchy, grey material.


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