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Fala (ファーラ姫 Fāra Hime?) is the princess of Planet Altea and heir to the throne. She is the Golion counterpart of Allura.

In fiction

Beast King GoLion

Voice actor: Rumiko Ukai

Princess Fala was born in 1983. The year after her birth,the Galra Empire invaded the planet and executed her father, King Raimon, her mother, and her elder siblings. Her birth remained a secret as she was hidden away by Raible, and raised in the ruined castle. [1]

In 1999, on her sixteenth birthday, she meets five slaves who had escaped from Galra, and who had been captured on Earth. [2] They become the Golion pilots, bringing back Golion.

After Shirogane Takashi is killed by a Deathblack Beastman, [3], Fala takes his role in flying the Blue Lion [4], participating in their many battles. 

In 2000, she first meets Prince Imperial Sincline, who quickly develops an obsession with her. [5]. Many of Sincline's attempts at defeating Golion were motivated by capturing her to be his wife. His obsession with her led Sincline to kidnap her identical cousin, Princess Amue of Planet Heracles, and keep her as a prisoner (and apparent sex slave). Later on in the series, it was revealed that Fala bears a striking resemblance to his late mother who was an Altean captive and concubine to Emperor Daibazaal.

She is instrumental in starting their alliance with Planet Heracles. [6] She laters becomes the leader of the Leo Alliance [7].

She, along with Golion and the Leo Alliance, are instrumental in bringing down Galra.

Super Robot Wars W

Fala's portrait in Super Robot Wars W

Fala's second icon in her casual outfit

Fala appears in the Japan-exclusive crossover game, Super Robot Wars W. After Kogane and his crew escape from the Galra Empire into the ruined Planet Altea, Fala was convinced to come along with them to Earth and help warn them of the Empire's initiatives.

During her arrival to Earth, Fala ponders on her role in the war as she sees other pilots of super robots fighting and risking their lives. She confides to Yurika and other members of Nadesico about her worries until Shirogane scolds her and reminds her that there was more at stake in the war.

After Shirogane succumbs to his fatal injuries, Fala takes on the role of the pilot of Blue Lion to which Kogane constantly pushes her into training with Gai Shishioh of GaoGaiGar being her coach.