Talkative and upbeat, Ezor has a reputation for being the "friendliest" of Lotor's generals. She is extremely nimble and uses her acrobatic skills to attack her opponents from all sides. Her chameleon-like cloaking ability allows her to infiltrate highly secured areas and gives her an added element of surprise in combat.

— Official Profile , Voltron: Legendary Defender Official Website

Ezor is a former general and warlord of the Galra Empire. Her tenure serving as one of Prince Lotor's top advisers gave her the skills and experience to seize power after his demise.

She has a reputation for being the friendliest of Lotor’s generals but is no less deadly for it. Her speed and acrobatic style of combat gives her an edge over her opponents. She is accompanied by her three friends and fellow former generals Acxa, Narti, and Zethrid.

Ezor survived an unlikely series of power transfers. After Lotor killed Narti, Ezor was first to doubt his intentions. She was imprisoned alongside Acxa and Zethrid before being freed and recruited by Haggar. The devastation of the Galra power structure presented an opportunity for Ezor and Zethrid to become warlords. They accumulated power and resources for four years before seemingly dying in an explosion.

In Season 8, Ezor is revealed to have survived the explosion, though lost her right eye and part of her head tendril. She supposedly left Zethrid due to the latter's constant anger and rage and is now on the rebels' side. She does not give up on Zethrid though and convinces her to join them. Eventually, she, Zethrid and Acxa join the Blade of Marmora in humanitarian relief efforts under Keith's leadership.


Ezor is playful, sneaky and cheerful as well as somewhat childish. Ezor has no problem spying for Lotor or following his order's as she and the other generals went to take back Puig when she was ordered to find the leader by Acxa she stayed hidden until she came out of hiding to toy with him stating that she likes to play around. When fighting the paladins, she can be seen smiling wickedly showing a more brutal side of her personality.

Ezor also seems to value to others generals as friends as was the case when Lotor cut Narti down for her act of treason (though Narti was controlled by Haggar), after escaping a ship she is seen being visibly sad after her death.

She also does not seem to be the brightest of the generals as when Lotor confronted the paladins, pleading with them not to fight him and asked by Zethrid she stated "I stopped trying to figure out Lotor's master plan a long time ago. Too complicated." Or at the very least, is the one most easily distracted.

In Season 7, Ezor is shown to have suffered some degree of trauma regarding Lotor, as she's shown to be anxious over the possibility that Lotor could return.

Later, she shows her more brutal and crueler side of her personality as when she stated "Let's go torture some prisoners." showing how evil she is underneath her playful and cheerful demeanor even going as far as to grab and threaten Pidge. This side is also present in "Red Paladin," where Ezor is shone toying with the Puigian leader derisively. She is known to bear a wicked grin when she beats down a foe.

In season 8, she apparently has a change of heart, however, as she decides to let go of the rage and join the Voltron Coalition, and later joins the Blade of Mamora alongside Zethrid and Acxa.


Season 3

Ezor is introduced spying on Throk as he attempts to visit a dying Zarkon in "Changing of the Guard”. She‘s watching them while invisible and materializes shortly after Throk leaves. It’s implied she was carrying out reconnaissance for Prince Lotor.

In "Red Paladin" Ezor is tasked with capturing the head of state on the planet Puig. She infiltrates his bunker and captures him, toying with him for some time before reporting back to Lotor. This episode briefly exposes Ezor’s sadistic streak; her enjoyment in the pain or fear of others. Later, she updates Lotor on the status of the Blade of Marmora’s campaign to retake the planet and the unrelated disappearance of the Black Lion. Later still, on board Lotor’s ship, she mans the cruiser’s weaponry in an offensive against Voltron.

She appears alongside the rest of Lotor's generals in "the Hunted," where she and the others support Lotor as his backup in the Royal Cruiser as he attempts to capture the Paladins of Voltron. She questions Acxa about Thayserix and why did Acxa had to reconfigure Lotor's fighter for it.

When Lotor set the trap for Voltron in "Hole in the Sky," Ezor questions the success of Voltron "escaping to the other reality," only to be corrected by Acxa. She is presumably one of the generals who fishes out the transreality comet after Voltron reappears from the other reality.

She along the other generals are working at the Royal Cruiser's bridge when another abnormality is present on the radar in "the Journey."

Ezor along with the other generals invade Throk's base in  the Ulippa System under Lotor's orders in "Tailing a Comet." There, she serves to distract Throk alongside Acxa and Zethrid as Narti apprehends and mind controls him so she could force him to open the hatch of the base so they could steal the piece of the teleduv. Afterward, when they return to their Galra ship, they meet up with the paladins who have snuck onto said ship expecting a fight with Lotor. The two sides clash and Ezor takes on Keith with a wicked grin only to be stopped when Keith is able to flip his bayard to his other hand. When the paladins return to their lions she and Zethrid man the ship to steal the teleduv piece while Narti and Acxa go to distract Team Voltron. When Acxa accidentally shoots the teleduv piece, Ezor is last seen being picked up by Acxa and Narti alongside Zethrid before disappearing.

Season 4

Ezor, along with the other generals, appears in the bay of the Royal Cruiser as Haggar addresses Lotor in "Code of Honor."

She and Acxa are in charge of overseeing the construction of the Sincline ships while Lotor and Narti are away at Zarkon's command in "Black Site." When Lotor returns after being dismissed from acting emperor by Zarkon, Ezor asks if he's been fired to which he replies that he has. Later, alongside the other generals, Ezor is seen exiting the Royal Cruiser as it's besieged by the Royal fleet after Haggar discovers that Lotor has the transreality comet and tells Zarkon. She is shown to be shocked at Lotor murdering Narti and later is seen curled up on her seat on the Sincline ship once they escape, saddened over what happened to Narti.

In "Begin the Blitz," Ezor is almost immediately shown to be distrustful of Lotor, particularly after he curtly orders to "do as [he] says." Frustrated, she cuts off communication with the others incline ship, to which Acxa jumps to communicate with her. After Acxa's questioning, Ezor remarksabout how she didn't want Lotor to hear them. She then points out to Acxa how Lotor has put them in a bad spot regarding Zarkon. When Acxa cuts her off, Ezor responds with how Narti was loyal, and look where it got her.

When Lotor and the generals arrive at the rift gate, Ezor is quizzical and distrusting. After Lotor attempts to enter the rift and fails, she and Zethrid are seen standing on a meteriod behind him, discussing over what they should do. In here, Ezor states how "all Lotor's plans fail," to which Zethrid remarks that they must take him down, only for Acxa to knock him down herself. Ezor is last seen at the end of the episode, after they've tied Lotor up and he's escaped. Here, she questions what's their next step.

Season 5

Ezor appears first this season alongside Acxa and Zethrid with the hostage Sam Holt as Zarkon presents the deal to trade him for Lotor to Team Voltron at the end of "The Prisoner." She then appears in "Blood Duel" again alongside the other generals only here the prisoner Sam Holt is actually a hologram and once Lotor is retrieved by Zarkon and attacks him Ezor is seen with the other generals leaving the field alongside the real Sam Holt. They are followed by Pidge, Matt, and Shiro, who wins the fight and eject the generals out of the pod onto the ground.

Ezor and the other generals are next seen locked up in a cell in the aftermath of Zarkon's death in "Postmortem" as they're on death row. Ezor bemoans how it wasn't their fault that Zarkon is dead, but her conversation with the others is cut short when Haggar appears with a proposition for the girls. She offers the generals a pardon if they are able to retrieve Sendak, which they do by the end of the episode, with Ezor personally announcing it.

In 'Kral Zera," Ezor and the other generals accompany Haggar and Sendak, with the former planning to use the latter as a puppet for the Galran throne. When the ceremony erupts into chaos with Lotor's arrival, Ezor joins the fight protecting Haggar. In the end, Ezor is seen leaving the ceremony alongside the generals and Haggar, the latter who proclaims that "the empire has fallen" with the crowning of Lotor as its new emperor.

Ezor proclaims to be bored while on Haggar's ship in "White Lion," as she and the other generals await her orders. The conversation turns to a discussion of plans, where Zethrid suggests that they should be conquering not wasting their time with Haggar. Ezor becomes interested in the topic, only for the conversation to be cut short by Acxa. Ezor then suggests to Zethrid that they should "go throw things at the crew," and the two then leave Acxa alone on the bridge.

Season 6

Ezor does not make an appearance in season 4 until the final moments of "the Colony," where she and Acxa board the Castle of Lions to steal back the Sincline ships as the clone Shiro, under the control of Haggar, takes Lotor. As Acxa flies away with the newest Sincline ship, Ezor turns towards Pidge, Krolia, and Keith. She begins to fire at them with a large grin on her face before leaving with the ship.

In "the Black Paladins," Ezor along with the rest of the generals, take on the fully combined Voltron. They use methods that end up depleting the power cores of the lions immensely before escaping into Haggar's wormhole. They are followed by Keith, who is after Shiro. Ezor voices her surprise at how Keith managed to make it as Zethrid offers to take him out. Acxa orders the others to take 'the package" to Honerva, before she engages Keith herself. On the ship, Ezor and Zethrid take the captive Lotor, who addresses them before the black lion pokes its head into the ship but leaves due to Acxa's attack. Zethrid takes Lotor away, but Ezor remains and pokes at the seemingly deactivated Shiro clone, leaving after Zethrid's calls.

At the bridge of Haggar's ship the generals now joined by Acxa, present the captured Lotor to Haggar. Haggar reveals herself as Lotor's mother, much to the shock of Ezor and the others. As Haggar speaks, she is cut off by Lotor, who tells her the end is near, who then signals to Acxa who shoots at Haggar, much to Ezor and Zethrid's shock. Ezor asks if they killed Haggar, which is a no. Lotor tells them that they don't have much time and that they must get to the sincline ships to get back to the ruins of Daibazaal, which Ezor and Zethrid agree to under much confusion.

While Team Sincline is in the sincline ships on route in "All Good Things," Lotor apologizes for his lack of explanation for his past actions, to which Ezor replies with how she's glad to be on his side again. When the team does arrive at the ruins, they find the inter-reality gate destroyed, much to Ezor's and the other generals' shock. Lotor gets into a heated discussion with Allura, which Ezor is bored at. Zethrid frustratedly questions their inaction, to Ezor remarks how she "stopped questioning Lotor's master plan long ago. Too complicated." After Allura compares Lotor to his father, Lotor orders the generals to attack Team Voltron, and Ezor with Zethrid begin to attack the paladins. When Lotor raves about how he's going to wipe out the rest of his enemies, including the galra, Ezor and the others are shocked. She turns to leave in the Sincline ships at Acxa's orders, but with the other generals, are ejected from their ships by Lotor. They are last seen this season turning and flying away on their jetpacks leaving Lotor to fight Team Voltron alone.


According to Acxa in "the Way Forward," the generals including Ezor, were stranded on a meteroid for days after Lotor and Voltron engaged in battle. They saw Voltron escape only to disappear in an explosion. Pereumably ,days or a week after being stranded, Honerva sends Commander Mar to investigate Lotor's whereabouts, and Ezor and the others capture and kill Mar, and takes over his ship. At this time, Ezor and Zethrid decided to take advantage of the state of the universe, and become pirate warlords, while Acxa leaves to pursue her own path. During this time it can be assumed that Ezor and Zethrid become a couple, and develop a formidable fleet, strategy, and reputation.

 Powers and Abilities

She is impressively nimble, and she utilizes this acrobatic prowess to attack enemies from all sides. Moreover, Ezor has a chameleon-like cloaking ability (similar to that of the Green Lion's) that is first demonstrated when she reveals herself spying on Haggar and Throk's conversation. It can be assumed that she has used this ability to spy on Haggar on multiple occasions. The cloaking is represented once more when she and the other generals reveal themselves following Lotor's challenge to Throk. While the other generals simply remove dark clothes, she appears out-of-the-blue, clearly having been cloaked.[1] This allows her to infiltrate highly secured areas, retrieve information, run reconnaissance, and gives her the added element of surprise in combat. She uses throwing knives in combat being able to throw them with accurate precision. She is also skilled in kickboxing being able to see her leg's to attack, grab, pin, toss and fend off attacks. she can also use her appendage to like a whip to attack or grab objects or people.


Ezor's appearance bears little in common with the average Galran soldier, aside from her yellow sclera. She has red skin and a long, tapered, prehensile tail attached to the top of her head. She uses the tail to assist her in combat, as a whip and a third limb for grabbing things. It’s also presumably an instrument to help her species balance and perform gravity-defying acrobatics. Ezor has candy red skin with pastel stripes on her forehead and tail. Her pupils are ovular and blue, in contrast to the narrow, cat-like pupils of most Galrans. She has retractable flaps of yellow tissue under her arms which allow her to glide short distances. In nature, these are known as ‘aerofoil membranes’. She has large, fin-shaped ears which may indicate increased audial sensitivity.

Her outfit during her time with Lotor is consistent with the uniforms of her fellow generals. It’s comprised of fragmented black armor with orange and blue highlights over a grey bodysuit. Ezor’s outfit has modest heels and leaves her underarms bare, presumably to allow for use of her ‘wings’.


Ezor has the ability to turn invisible, even while wearing clothing or armor.[2] She has flaps of skin between her arms and torso that allow her to glide or slow descent from high areas.[3] She uses her extremely agile body to dodge attacks and inflict blows, preferring the use of knives during combat.[4] She also appears to be skilled in kickboxing being able to pin down Keith and fend off Shiro's attacks and be able to outmatch him.[5]


  • Ezor's name was originally "Esor", but was changed when Studio Mir pointed out to series staff that it was a name common to old women spelled backwads; it was intentional on the writers' part as being a reference to The Golden Girl's along with the names "Ythorod" and "Aihpos", spelling "Rose", "Dorothy", and "Sophia".[6]
  • For Lotor's generals, series staff went with a standard RPG team format; Ezor is intended to be the agile melee gymnast.[7]
  • Ezor's ability to cloak herself is either unique to her or to her non-Galran species, as she is seen performing it outside of the armor she wore as Lotor's general.
  • The appendage she bears on her head has a tendency to twitch on occasion, and in season 7 Ezor is able to use it to hook in people or things and bring them to her. Said appendage is also seen to have grown from her appearance in season 6 to season. This suggests that the appendage is innervated in some manner.
  • She is canonically in a relationship with Zethrid.
  • It's highly implied that she originally intended to have died in the explosion in "The Way Forward," and had been edited back into season 8 in post-production of the season. There is numerous bits of evidence, including
    • How Ezor, a normally talkative character, is never depicted speaking during her appearance in season 8. Her only line is not voiced by Kimiko Glenn, her main voice actress, but is an edited line of Kimberly Brooks speaking as Allura from a previous episode of the season.
    • She is not mentioned in the English audio description of her appearances, and the narrator seems to gloss over her reactions.
    • In a certain scene in "Genesis" that depicts Zethrid and the Olkari Tech running to the Atlas deck, their heat signatures are visible as well as their pictures. Where Ezor should of at least have her heat signature present, it is notably absent.
    • Zethrid has a strong overreaction to what in the final cut of the scene was Ezor breaking up with her. Many of Zethrid's lines fit more along the lines if Ezor had been dead.
    • One of the storyboarders on the show, in a tweet now deleted, had stated back on the release date of season 7 that Ezor should have lived, suggesting that Ezor had died in the original script.
  • Ezor is similar to Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


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