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Episode 21

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Voltron S2 Title Escape from Beta Traz
Escape From Beta Traz
Air date January 20th, 2017
Written by May Chan
Joshua Hamilton
Episode Transcript

Escape From Beta Traz is the tenth episode of the second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on January 20, 2017.


Lance, Pidge and Shiro infiltrate a facility to free a prisoner of the Galra, but Lance and Shiro each think they've found the right inmate.

Plot Summary

By the information provided by the Blade of Marmora, Lance, Pidge and Shiro infiltrate a facility to free the only prisoner of the Galra Space Station Beta Traz. Upon successful infiltration, Pidge locates two cells instead of the one they were informed of. Pidge stays in the Main Command Center, but Lance and Shiro must reach and connect to the isolated Third level holding the two prisoners. Lance gains a 3D render of a Galra officer for the facial recognition. They each think they've found the right inmate, but it gets harder to tell as Pidge goes radio silent when the station warden goes to the Command Center. Lance escorts his choice out, while Shiro deals with his being impossible because of his predicting statistical improbabilities of his death from the smallest thing. When Pidge is disabling the remaining security features, she finds footage of her brother Matt's escape. When the gravity is shut off, Shiro with Slav regroups with Lance, who learns he actually has the warden's personal pet Laika. In the hangar, everyone is regrouped but the Warden overpowers them until Slav opens the hangar doors to save the Paladins. Lance uses his aim to save Slav from the Warden and the mission is a success.

Featured Characters


    — Laika

"No screaming!"
"I was screaming?"
    — Shiro snaps at Slav, again

"That robot arm is fantastic, now imagine if you had two! Our chances of survival will go up three-hundred percent from totally doomed, to highly unlikely!"
    — Slav, impressed with Shiro's robotic arm


  • The titular prison is similar to Alcatraz in both name and being near impossible to break into or out of.
  • It is revealed that Matt was freed by rebels and his current location is unknown, foreshadowing his appearance in Reunion.
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