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Envoy from Galaxy Garrison is the fifty-fourth episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Plot Summary

At the rebuilt Castle Doom, King Zarkon lectures Commander Cossack for being a failure. Cossack manages to get back into Zarkon's good graces before Prince Lotor appears from the darkness to insult him and the now absent Zarkon. Cossack begs Lotor to not tease him while Lotor gloats about his goal to retake the Drule throne.

Zarkon meanwhile is visiting the witch Haggar in her laboratory. Haggar is currently working on a way to make her next Robeast invincible. The perfect weapon for destroying Voltron. Haggar then makes the request to be named the new Queen once Voltron is defeated. Zarkon tells her he'll consider it, if her plan succeeds. Zarkon then laughs, thinking that he'll get rid of Lotor after all is settled with Voltron and Arus. Lotor overhears him and begins his own scheming with the witch.

Galaxy Garrison has at last sent a general to planet Arus to take over leading Voltron and the defense force of Arus. A party is thrown in his honor and the entire Voltron Force attends. During the party Pidge runs afoul of the general. The man is outraged at the youth and lack of order Pidge and the other young pilot's exhibit.

The general later tells Coran that he believes they use Voltron in battle far more than simple good battle strategy. Suddenly, a Robeast attacks the castle. The general tries to lead the Voltron Force. But their own strategy proves to be the best.

After the battle the general is given another party. This time a going away party as he explains that with his recommendation, the Voltron force has been declared a special fighting unit of Galaxy Garrison. He also apologies for his behavior earlier, which the team gladly accepts.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Other Arusians

Planet Doom


"Boy, do I feel like dancing...with Coran!"
    — Keith, Lance, and Hunk are all eager to dance with Allura, only to be left disappointed


"I didn't even get a chance to dance with the boys. Oh, well. Maybe next time."
    — Allura, lamenting that she didn't dance with one of the boys after all

Notes and Goofs

  • A new Castle Doom has apparently been built since the original was destroyed in "Final Victory". It looks different from the original so it's likely to be an entirely new castle.
  • This episode marks the return of Nanny since the episode "Coran's Son Runs Amok".
  • The General from Galaxy Garrison is never mentioned by name.

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