Ebb is a planet that appears in the Voltron Force series.

Ebb is the homeworld world of Ambassador Sypat.


Voltron Force (TV series)

The planet Ebb was a small, but prosperous. This was, in part, due to the planet's ability to trade just about anything with other planets that they needed to in part to the Galaxy Alliance.

Unfortunately, when Sky Marshall Wade took over the Galaxy Alliance. He blockaded the planet, and thus the people of Ebb began to starve do to lack of food goods. When Princess Allura and her group arrived to conduct negotiations, Ebb Ambassador Sypat wished her and her companions to visit the planet.

Ultimately, Wade had used Ebb as a means to capture the Blue Lion, knowing the planet's population would make excellent bait for Allura. This was done in an attempt to capture all of Voltron Force.

Eventually, thanks in part to Ambassador Sypat. Allura and the others where rescued, and the blockade ended. [1]

Known inhabitants


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