"I’m Voltron's biggest fan."

—Dudley, "Rogue Trip"

Dudley is a human who is an obsessive fan of Voltron and wants to replace the cadets of the Voltron Force.


Voltron Force (TV series)

Dudley is a Voltron fan boy, he was able to recognize Daniel and Vince as the new Voltron Force Cadets at the pizza place. He was able to get Daniel and Vince to come over to his place to see his Voltron collection, though not Larmina who didn’t want to come. His parents are wealthy, and Dudley implies that his father is a big deal. Dudley takes Daniel and Vince to one of the buildings that houses his Voltron Force memorabilia, such as the Voltron Force original uniforms and Keith’s blaster. When asked how he was able to obtain the items, he said that he knows a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy.

Like any fanboy he has high opinions on what the Voltron Force should be. He prefers the castle control room with panels and screens not holograms, he also prefers a blaster than pushing a button to get a weapon. Dudley also wrote Voltron fan fiction starring himself, which weirded Daniel and Vince out causing them to leave because it was an hour long[1].

Toy Voltron Classic 00 20120401

Toy Voltron Robot Classic

When Daniel and Vince try to drive away in their vehicles and find Larmina, Dudley attacks them in his toy Voltron classic robot. The fight leads to one of Dudley’s replica environments of the Castle of Lions on Arus. There he taunts them, by telling them the reason why the Voltron Force kept them was so they could laugh at them. Dudley quickly gains the upper hand and steps on them in their vehicles saying that, after he beats them, the Voltron Force will have to make him their sidekick, until Larmina storms in and rescues them. They form Awesometron immediately, to which he responds by using his robot to form a replica of the “Blazing Sword”, which turns out to be nothing more than a toy.

The Voltron Force Cadets easily defeat Dudley, admitting defeat he gives another speech about how he's worthy of being in the Voltron Force like them. The Voltron Force Cadets thinks it’s time for them to leave.[2]


  • He likely has great knowledge of the Voltron Force and their past missions.
  • He's also a compatient pilot, since he was able to pilot his toy Voltron classic robot very well.


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