Drazil is the second Robeast revealed in Voltron: Legendary Defender. Originally what appears to be an alien lizard, it was transformed into a powerful red Robeast with rotating laser eyes, several sharp teeth, and tentacle arms. Each sucker releases its own green laser, and in the center of its chest lies its final, most powerful laser. Drazil landed on Balmera X-95-Vox to fight Voltron.


Drazil landed on Balmera X-95-Vox to fight Voltron in order to prevent him from saving the planet. It is later absorbed into the Balmera in an attempt to destroy it.

It is revealed to have survived and fused with crystals inside of the Balmera. It is destroyed when Pidge discovers it's weakness and Voltron slashes it in half.

Weapons & Abilities

First Appearance

Drazil is a long-ranged Robeast and as such, it is equipped with a plethora of laser cannons in its arms, eyes, and chest. Thanks to its laser cannons, Drazil can easily overwhelm its opponents by firepower alone; alternatively, Drazil can condense all its lasers into a single super laser that is enough to overpower Voltron's shoulder cannon. Drazil also has virtually no blind spots due to its body being covered in eyes, which allows him to focus on multiple fast-moving targets such as the Voltron Lions.

Second Appearance

Despite being headless and riddled with the Balmera's crystals, Drazil is still a formidable foe. While it lost its arm and head-mounted laser cannons from its previous battle with Voltron, Drazil is armed with an upgraded chest-mounted laser cannon. This form of Drazil also has two large crystal formations that serve as floating shields.


  • Drazil's name is not revealed in-series, but was revealed on the interactive map of characters on the official Voltron website.[1]
  • Before its official naming [2], Drazil was nicknamed "Evangelion" by the fans based off of its striking similarity to the mecha in Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • 'Drazil' is simply lizard spelled backwards - appropriate given how this robeast's original form bore a remarkable similarity to Earth chameleons.



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