Dorma is Commander Hazar's kindhearted sister.


Voltron: Defender of the Universe Continuity

Dorma appears towards the end of the series. When she is kidnapped by the Drule U.R.F. (Underground Rebel Force), she agrees to join in their fight for peace and freedom on Planet Drule. When planet Drule is in its final death-throes, Dorma persuades her brother not to die with the planet and join her and the other surviving refugees aboard S.S. Explorer.


  • In the original Dairugger XV series, Dorma is called Sirk, and is not the sister of Teles (Hazar's name in that continuity) but a highly placed servant of his father's house. Unlike Dorma, she fails to persuade Teles not die with Planet Galveston, and goes on to become her people's leader as they search for a new world.
  • Dorma shares her name with the tragic first love of Marvel Comics' Sub-Mariner, whose skin was also a shade of blue.


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